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Thanks to the wonderful work done by Volunteers, they have made positive impacts and big changes to the social, structural, health, and education of Together for Cambodia.

A comprehensive assessment of candidates is performed as follows:
  • - Complete the Application Form.
  • - Complete a Purpose or Ability attesting to knowledge and experience.
  • - Accept and sign the Child Protection Procedures form.
  • - Accept and sign the Volunteer Behavior form.
  • - Attach a Certificate of Criminal Records with a date no earlier than one month before the start of the project.
  • - Provide evidence of Health Insurance.
  • - The duration of volunteering time depends on the project. They range from one week to one year.

* VOLUNTEERS working for TFC are directly responsible for their projects and any commitment that the project requires.

* VOLUNTEERS are responsible for the cost of travel, visa, health. Depending on the type of project, the NGO may provide local transportation.

* TFC provides meals support to all volunteers during their working hours, but no accommodation, only for those whose projects require long stays, from the third month they are paid $100 a month for their accommodation costs. As a result the volunteers can choose where they want to reside, as the city offers endless possibilities.

* VOLUNTEERS do not pay any fee or tax to TFC, as TFC exempts them from any kind of administrative expenditure. Between Volunteers and TFC, there cannot exist any monetary transaction involving the acceptance of voluntary or continuity.

* If VOLUNTEERS wish to make a donation, this will be made freely and without in any way interfering with the acceptance of voluntary or continuity.

* TFC greatly appreciates the kindness of the Volunteers and their social commitment; as their work is essential for the improvement projects that involve or are conducted by TFC.

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