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Formed by a football field that can be divided into 3 small ones, plus an indoor basketball court and a volleyball court. These facilities are open to the public, and our visitors are welcome to play on them. In addition, this center has a building called "Compassion" with first aid kits, sports store and public toilets.

- Fees for use of these facilities are hourly.
- Day time from 08:00 to 17:00. Night time from 17:00 to 20:00.
- BASKETBALL - Field 6$ and 8$ day night.
- VOLLEYBALL Field 4$ day.

Day Time
1 pitch 4$/h
2 pitch 8$/h
3 pitch 12$/h
Night Time
1 pitch 6$/h
2 pitch 12$/h
3 pitch 18$/h

- Proper use of the facilities requires proper footwear to play, or otherwise play barefoot.
- We have enough garbage cans scattered around the perimeter, please do not throw trash on the ground as this is punishable. We ask that you please respect the hygiene and our wonderful facilities properly.


This is an activity that is practiced daily, because we have own sand court in our backyard. The children love it. The TFC children also participate in various local competitions with other organizations. The TFC girls' team was the winner for the 2013 season.


At TFC we have three football teams divided by age and even some mixed. Every Sunday during the league between organizations, the little ones and the young at TFC participate in this competition with passion. They have received several prizes and were recently recognized as the "Fairest Team" and the "Team with most improvements".


This is another activity that is widely accepted and practiced almost every day and we have our own court.

Jumping. Running. Swimming. Gymnastics.

These activities are very popular and are practiced on different days of the week or times of year. Swimming takes place during the dry season in one of the lakes nearby in the city.