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We are in Siem Reap, just 10 km from the magnificent temples of Angkor, the capital of the province of Siem Reap in Cambodia. In recent years burgeoning tourism has made the city an international focus, developing a diverse range of businesses.

The local population has been affected by this development, but has been affected at very different levels. Some have been able to adapt to it, working in businesses designed for tourists but the vast majority have not been able to "jump on the bandwagon" and come from very poor villages where the only income is from growing rice in the rainy season. Naturally the people come to Siem Reap looking for a better life but most just find homelessness, alcohol and gambling. Seeing mothers breastfeed children begging on the streets, to see children of all ages as street vendors, rubbish collectors is not the worst because unfortunately there is child sexual abuse.

Please help us to help them, please help sponsor a child or donate today.


TFC takes in only children who have lost their parents and have no extended family to care for them, or children from at risk living situations. TFC provides a safe, nurturing, “extended family “environment for these children. Child Sponsorship is one way in which we can ensure that TFC receives the funds in a sustainable way for the children in our care. Sponsorship covers all costs involved in helping children who would otherwise be destitute including accommodation, food, clothing, staff wages, training, medical care and much more.


The work of Together for Cambodia is funded entirely from the kind donations from people like yourself. The only “overheads” that your donation will go towards are the overheads for the actual cost of running the Children’s House and feeding the children, such as the house rental, food and clothing, the education fees and salaries for the Khmer staff. The salaries of the staff are very low compared to the average western wage and so really your donation is going right.

Where it needs to, for the care of the children.

Please would you send any donations, in US dollars only, to the following bank account: ADVANCED BANK OF ASIA (ABA)

Account Number:001038980
Beneficiary Bank Details:ADVANCED BANK OF ASIA (ABA)
Swift code:ABAAKHPP

We are officially registered as a local NGO nº361SCN by Ministry of Interior.

GENERAL BUDGET per month in US$:

** Not included: Scholarship Programme.

1-House + Garden + Office Maintenance300$US
2-Food + Rice +Water3.500$US
3-Toiletries + Hygiene350$US
5-Vans/tuk tuk maintenance and gasoline.400$US
8-Salaries 25 staff5.600$US
9- Administration250$US
10-Miscellaneous rubbish collection, maintenance, etc250$US


  • - The annual Academic cost average is from $US450 Kindergarden till $US1,400 Grade 12.
  • - Tuition fee does not include other services and materials.
  • - All students must wear uniforms. Uniform is $20 per 1 set in Primary class and $30 per 1 set for middle and high school.
  • - School material 1 set $15US-$50U
  • - Extra Material $25US per term-$100US per year.
  • - Transport is $25US per term-$100US per year.

Thank you very much for helping us making differences.


Selling a COOK BOOK with Cambodian food recipes written in English. It was printed a second edition, with the same recipes, but updated with texts and images. Brilliant initiative of Michael Kramer, Australian editor. The full benefits of its sales, $ 20 per book, go directly to the projects of the NGO. It is available in SPOTLIGHT Stores across Australia and also in the bags workshop located in Siem Reap (project we talked about in the Social Business section).
Please, you may send your donation in $US to the below bank information:


Account Number: 001038980.


Bank Address: 148, Pheah Sihanouk Blvd, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Thank you.