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Training & Workshops

At TOGETHER FOR CAMBODIA education covers a huge field of possibilities. We are constantly learning about new activities and areas where our skills can be improved.

Below is a list of training events undertaken for the staff members of TFC and for the children and adolescents:

  1. Training on Child Exploitation Psychosocial Assessment Tools (CEPAT), organized by World Vision.
  2. Training on Basic Awareness on Trafficking in Cambodia, organized by CHABDAI Coalition.
  3. Training on Policy and Minimum Standards for the Protection of the Rights of Victims of Human Trafficking by World Vision.
  4. Promoting the Quality of Law Service for Victim Children of Human Trafficking and Sexual Abuse by World Vision.
  5. The Angkor Hospital for Children implemented at our centre worshops about Sexuality in Puberty, Hygiene and First Aid.
  6. Parenting Skills Workshop: Nutrition, Hygiene, etc. These topics were developed by the Director and Management team of TFC.
  7. With the collaboration of APLE (Action Pour Les Enfants) a course on Child Exploitation to teach the children how they can protect themselves and other children in risky situations.
  8. Monthly meetings with the Social Affairs Department in Siem Reap.
  9. TFC develops workshops on Sexuality in Puberty and Hygiene.
  10. In some Workshops TFC gets the benefit of First Aid Specialists of Angkor Children Hospital and Red Cross

On a Weekly basis the management team of TFC has meetings with different departments to resolve day to day issues. We have monthly meetings with all staff members, to discuss any problems and doubts and to resolve these like a team. Motivation is an important tool used to encourage staff to get involved.