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SUON KOMA (The Children's Garden in English).

We feel very happy to share with you a new project that soon will be a full running program!.

We plan to set up an AQUAPONIC farm in DEI KOMA (The Children's Land). We have a plot of land 16m X 10m where we have tried growing some vegetables in a traditional way, using soil. Due to the heat, sometimes it is not successful and it consumes hundreds of liters of water daily!. Also it is really too hot to be work there!

The NGO crew feels very happy with the AQUAPONIC option and we really like it, because it has many advantages: It reduces the cost of daily living in the center and it serves to teach our youth important skills for their future. It could even become trough time a permanent job for some of them, not all the children will attend universities or colleges!.

We are in the research of farms to learn what they do and to acquire a better understanding of what we should focus on. Later on, we will discuss with an agricultural engineer to set up a fundraising to buy farming land (much cheaper) and set up a farming program; even maybe one day we can sell to the markets, why not!.

We have been introduced to hydroponic and aquaponic systems to grow food. We visited an hydroponic farm-school to learn about systems and materials. We have also conducted several researches. Finally, we arrived to the agreement to set up an AQUAPONIC system in our center, so that the children run it with supervision of the NGO crew.

*** During 13th, 14th and 15th May we run workshops for the children and NGO crew.

*** We have completed a fundraising of $US6,500 to expend in materials and to build an structure to protect the garden

PLEASE, this is a great opportunity to:
1- Use our 16m X 10m plot in DEI KOMA efficiently.
2- Learn new and innovative skills.
3- Give responsibilities to our youth by growing their own food.

DREAMS become true if we work for them. We never stop dreaming and never stop working to make dreams become true!. PLEASE, help us to make possible one more time!!!!!!!!!!.

*** Furthermore, we are looking to learn to produce part of our food and who knows if one day, it also becomes a source of income!.