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Together for Cambodia
Visitor Guidelines


  • To protect the beneficiaries of Together for Cambodia (children and adults)
  • To maintain client (children's) confidentiality
  • To maintain the best interests of the child at all times
  • To prevent any form of exploitation by members of the media or other visitors.
  • To protect the visitor and the organisation itself.

The TFC Child Protection Policy applies to all adults working directly with children. This includes staff, volunteers, trainers and donors that have direct interaction with children

All Visitors must adhere to section 3.9 of the TFC Child Protection Policy, even if they are not working directly with children. This states: TFC must take extreme care when interacting physically with the Children. TFC staff must not fondle, hold, kiss, hug or touch minors in an inappropriate or culturally insensitive way. Under no circumstance should any physical contact be or have the appearance of being sexual in any way.

In particular, we ask that visitors understand that they are strangers to the children, unlike TFC staff who are familiar to the children and who have over time gradually gained the trust of the children. All TFC staff are undergoing training on child protection guidelines that are specific to the challenges faced when working with children in Cambodia . The TFC takes Child Abuse very seriously. Many of the Children have experienced abuse of some form in their home environment and TFC provides a safe and protected place for the children to call their own.

Visitors should also be aware that the children have a natural tendency to be too trusting of foreigners in particular. TFC staffs are being trained to teach the children to be aware of the danger from foreign and local pedophiles looking to exploit vulnerable children. It is important that all visitors acknowledge that they too have a role to play in this education process and that they do not inadvertently undo the work of our dedicated staff and child protection workers by being overly familiar with the children.

For example, visitors hugging, carrying and cuddling children can undermine the safety measures we promote to staff and children. It can also be confusing for children. Please understand that, as visitors, you probably have little or no understanding of the family background and issues that each individual child is dealing with.

This policy also adheres to Article 49 of the Law of Suppression of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation 2008, Ministry of Justice, Kingdom of Cambodia .

Newspapers and other mass media are prohibited from publishing or broadcasting any information which could lead to public knowledge of the identities of the victims of offences stipulated in this law.


  • Visits to TFC
  • Permission to visit TFC must always be authorised by the TFC management. The Security staff are instructed not to let visitors in to the TFC grounds unless a senior staff member is present.
  • All visitors must sign in at the TFC Security Guard hut and receive a TFC pass.
  • All visitors must be closely monitored by TFC staff or volunteers, NO visitor can be left alone, with or without children when on the TFC property.
  • A TFC senior staff member must be present at all times. They have the authority to terminate a visit at any time to protect the children.
  • Visitors must never offer cash or in kind donations direct to children. Please give any gifts to the staff member responsible for your visit.
  • TFC does not hold responsibility for loss or damage of equipment or effects during a visit to TFC property.
  • All visitors must be signed out and return TFC passes.


  • Permission to take photos must be obtained from the President or the Executive Director of TFC in advance.
  • Permission must also be sought from the individual child or adult.
  • No photos may be taken of scantily dressed children or adults or children who appear to be traumatised or in any vulnerable situation (crying, scared etc).
  • Please do not tell a child to “smile” or give any other instructions like this.

I accept these terms and agree to abide by TFC Visitor and Media Guidelines at all times during my visit.

I accept these terms and agree to abide by the TFC Visitor Guidelines at all times during my visit.

Thank You for your understanding and cooperation.

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