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The Children's Land DEI KOMA is the name given to the place where children are the main participants. It is the Cambodian name to say THE CHILDREN’S LAND, resulting from a dream in which the essential elements to grow healthy, strong and safe are combined. It is a Residential Center, a Sports Center and an Education Center are combined in harmony, providing the best possible resources in the area.

The first foundations were laid down in June 2014. The main construction works were completed in the months of September / October 2015, since early November of the same year we moved the home and the office of our previous facility, while the other construction were concluded.

RESIDENTIAL CENTER - HOME: Accommodation for 120 children / young residents. At present there are 40 residents and we hope to welcome 20 more children / young people in the next 2 years, if we can get enough resources to cover their established budgets. In each room there is enough space, ventilation, lighting, harmony in colors, with showers and toilets that facilitate personal hygiene. Female residential building called "BEANTEAY SREY" is separated from the male residential building called "BAYON" a central building called "THE TERRACE OF THE ELEFANTS" common area to do homework, play together or just look out the large terrace and enjoy the wonderful sunsets that is offered in this corner of the center. For those of you who have already visited Cambodia, these names will be familiar as they were dedicated to the archaeological remains of the Khmer empire that within a few kilometers. A spacious and comfortable building called "ANGKOR WAT" is the kitchen, where three daily full meals are prepared, assessing the importance of the proper nutrients. It is also a recreation area, meetings and much more, thanks to its infinite possibilities. This whole area is private and not accessible for visits to our facilities; the privacy of children and young people living in them is part of our policies on child and youth protection.

CAREGIVERS experienced teaching hygiene guidelines, behavior and health fondly ensure the safety of its young inhabitants. All children of school age attend JAVI SCHOOL, which is the school we have or schools in the city. Javi School is the building we construct in our center. Youth who have completed secondary school, may choose to study in technical schools. Those who wish to complete the high school, continuing their learning through universities may do so by adapting its potential and budgets in colleges that are recognized for better qualified.

EDUCATIONAL CENTER For more information on conditions of use and rates go to the section JAVI SCHOOL EDUCATION.

SPORTS CENTER: Formed by a football field that can be divided into 3 small ones, plus an indoor basketball court and a volleyball court. These facilities are open to the public, and our visitors are welcome to play on them. In addition, this center has a building called "Compassion" with first aid kits, sports store and public toilets. Fees for use of these facilities are hourly. Day time 8:00 to 17:00 and night time 17:00 to 20:00. For more information on conditions of use and rates go to the SPORTS section.

We are responsible for some wonderful and amazing children, their health, nutrition and education. We are creating a family atmosphere where the children feel secure and safe. The staffs are Khmer from the local community, looking after the children and the facilities 24 hours. Staffs follow legislative requirements and also maintain a strong connection to the local environment. On weekends we perform several activities, as in any family, going out together and visiting a temple, mountain climbing, swimming in the lake, visiting the local amusement park, a football match, etc.

All this requires a lot of organization and individuals working in coordination 24 hours!.

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